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Helena Luciano is on a mission to get Vancouverites to dress in fashion-forward, innovative ways and to reduce the conformity that this city is plagued by.

Vancouver recently made the list of worst-dressed cities in the world. Whether it’s consumers wearing athletic clothing outside of the gym, or the fact that people shop at the same two corporate stores — Vancouver’s fashion-sense is monotonous.

Helena wants to influence Vancouver with her infectious fashion sense and to show them that you don’t need a tonne of money or high-fashion brands to be fashion forward.

Helena grew up in Scotland and spent much of her adolescence wearing a uniform. Despite the slim pickings, she and her class mates would shake it up and show their fashion personalities while adhering to the dress code. Despite having to wear the same clothing, Helena’s signature fashion sense shone through the constraints of uniformity.

Helena decided to leave Scotland alone at the age of 16 to return to her hometown Vancouver to blow its fashion mind. After embarking on pilgrimages to the fashion meccas of world class cities such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Helena began to network with up-and-coming designers and found that they all shared one common struggle: gaining exposure for their brands.

She soon became their brand ambassador and was seen out and about in their designs — a true socialite promoting the hottest fashions.

Helena is launching in August 2013. Her website is an online clothing distribution store that she describes as very west coast — laid back and sophisticated.

One of the main reasons Helena wants to inspire others is because according to her, fashion sense is something that you’re born with. You either have it or you don’t. She wants to be the voice coach to the vocalist who can’t stay in tune. She wants to show people that being fashionable is feasible.

Helena has always learned, embraced and moved forward. She has turned lemons into lemonade and preaches that failure and success are both gifts.

Words by | Grace Escudero
Photographed by | Lynol Lui
Directed by | Parsoua Shirzad

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